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Concierge Services

The boutique hotel experience

Provide your guests with the luxury of a boutique hotel stay in the form of a vacation home. From booking to check-out, Saturdays will help you to increase the quality of your guests’ stay, ensuring better reviews and more bookings.
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What does the “Boutique” experience really mean?

Hotels seem to be having a come back. Why? We doubt its the cozy accommodations. Instead, its often the extras like linen service, cool food and drink options, gyms, and other amenities that aren’t often found at a vacation rental. Saturdays is here to change that.

All Saturdays guests get access to our local concierge, there to make each person’s stay as smooth and memorable as possible.

24/7 Text Concierge

Each renter is provided with a number they can text at any time during their stay whether they need fresh linens or have a leaky faucet. Any time a request creates costs for the owner, we confirm with you prior to taking action.

On-call Concierge

As we grow in each of our markets, we actively look for unique opportunities we can present to your guest staying at your rental at that time. This could be last minute tickets to a sporting event or opening site reservations at the hottest new restaurant. We simply text any of the guests that have opted in to this service about the availability and see if anyone wants to claim the experience!

Plus, when you choose to list your property with Saturdays, we offer several different packages to help your property stand out above the market:

Luxury linen services
Luxury towel services
High End Toiletries
Kitchen Stocking
Local Gym Passes
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How can Saturdays help you?

We’re here for owners & guests, day and night. From listing to check out, we work to ensure the best possible experience. Make your vacation rental stand out by reaching out today.
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